Date: 1600-1700
Language: Latin
Origin: subsidere, from sidere 'to sit down, sink'


sub‧side [intransitive]
1 if a feeling, pain, sound, etc subsides, it gradually becomes less and then stops [= die down]:
Simon waited until the laughter subsided.
The pains in his head had subsided, but he still felt dizzy and sick.
2 formalTB if a building or an area of land subsides, it gradually sinks to a lower level:
After the heavy rains, part of the road subsided.
3HEM if bad weather conditions subside, they gradually return to a normal state:
The wind gradually subsided, and all was quiet.
4 if water, especially flood water, subsides, it gradually goes under ground or back to a normal level:
When the floods subsided, the streets were littered with bodies.

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