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surveysur‧vey2 /səˈveɪ $ sər-/ ●○○ AWL verb [transitive]  1 ASK A QUESTIONto ask a large number of people questions in order to find out their attitudes or opinions Of the 100 companies surveyed, 10% had a turnover of £50m to £99m. Grammar Survey is often passive in this meaning.2 LOOK ATto look at or consider someone or something carefully, especially in order to form an opinion about them She turned to survey her daughter’s pale face. They got out of the car to survey the damage.3 British EnglishTBBBT to examine the condition of a house or other building and make a report on it, especially for people who want to buy it4 SGto examine and measure an area of land and record the details on a map There were many voyages to survey the ocean depths in the nineteenth century.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
surveyResearchers surveyed 10,000 customers about the quality of companies that they used.Of the 1007 people surveyed, 74% supported the decision.Southwest Junior High is surveying parents about their children wearing uniforms.He said divers surveying the aftermath of the Braer tanker disaster found large numbers of razor shells contaminated with oil.My brain wandered off surveying the amorous absurdity of it.Kramer quickly surveyed the competition and decided he had nothing to worry about.Fenn had stopped the car and was surveying the panorama, allowing the information to assemble itself in his mind.Yet the world was still waiting on Flamsteed to finish surveying the stars.I stood under trees, surveying the stone walls and vines of the Villa Diodati.A large segment of the population that was surveyed was taking vitamin supplements.