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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwicket gateˈwicket ˌgate noun [countable] old use  TBa small door or gate that is part of a larger one
Examples from the Corpus
wicket gateWe brought her in, four of us carrying her on a wicket gate.Cranston pulled at the bell and they were allowed through a wicket gate built into the ponderous door.The Co-operative also had double doors with a wicket gate leading into a cobbled yard.But the rector was opening the wicket gate at the side of the public house, and vanished from sight.Outside the wicket gate he paused for a moment before setting off along the Backs in the direction of the town centre.Turn left into Bleak Terrace and go back on to the Fell through the wicket gate to the village boundary wall.He went up through the wicket gate and into the cemetery, a quiet, surprisingly well-kept plot.The huddled figure shambled alongside the yew hedge towards the wicket gate.