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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwindbreakwind‧break /ˈwɪndbreɪk/ noun [countable]  TBa fence, line of trees, or wall that is intended to protect a place from the wind
Examples from the Corpus
windbreakIt likes a well-drained soil, and a windbreak in windy, cold areas.Turn sharp left 80yds before a conifer windbreak.Tree belts are also more effective windbreaks, and provide more protection from the glare of low sun than mounds or fences.It makes a good windbreak too as it filters the wind, rather than encouraging destructive eddies.They were a little reluctant to do this, but knew that it would provide an essential rapidly growing windbreak.Nearby, several rocks have been piled up as if intended to make a rudimentary windbreak or wall.The ground dipped between two minor cliffs, and the architect must have figured they would make swell windbreaks.