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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishatriumat‧ri‧um /ˈeɪtriəm/ noun [countable]  1 AATBBa large high open space in a tall building2 HBHone of the two spaces in the top of your heart that push blood into the ventricles
Examples from the Corpus
atriumIt is a large house and has two entrances, each leading into an atrium.The arched door, bearing the same lion and shield as Nicolo's plane, opened on to an enclosed atrium.The church is constructed of thin bricks with wide mortar joints; its atrium has disappeared but the narthex remains.Unless you work here, however, there is no public access, except to the marble atrium.A line is fed through a peripheral vein until it reaches the right atrium of the heart.He was cold, very cold despite the hothouse temperature of the atrium.West of the atrium is a large expanse of water popularly known as the port of Milan.The plan is that of a cross-domed basilica with nave, aisles, eastern apse and western atrium.