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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishatticat‧tic /ˈætɪk/ ●○○ noun [countable]  DHHTBBa space or room just below the roof of a house, often used for storing things a small attic room
Examples from the Corpus
atticPamela Wray's father found her body hanging from an attic beam.All these hazards, winter and summer, are the reasons an attic should be well ventilated.I wish I had a cosmic panopticon and could see into every Paris cellar and every attic in the banlieue.What had gone from the attic she could only guess, for she did not remember half the things they stored there.Indeed, he was nervous when I was out of the attic.He lived in the top attic right, up against the east end gable of the building.That considered, an unvented attic can be 10 to 20 degrees warmer than outside in winter.attic roomThe single studio was extremely primitive, consisting of an attic room with two microphones, one turntable and a mixer.Of the twenty-one bedrooms, seventeen are spacious with private facilities, and the remaining four are attic rooms with shared bathrooms.Four out of a total of nine are en suite and two are attic rooms with marvellous views over the village and hills.There were times he would retreat to his attic room and not want to be disturbed.Finally she shut herself in the attic room on Ella's day off and sobbed until she ached in body and soul.She was already feeling faint, as much from the stale heat of the attic room as for any other reason.At a quarter to eleven she galloped back up to the attic room.A tall man waited at the stable entrance of the lodging house where Lucille Castineau had rented two attic rooms.