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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbasilicaba‧sil‧i‧ca /bəˈsɪlɪkə, -ˈzɪl-/ noun [countable]  RRCTBBa church in the shape of a long room with a round end the basilica of St Peter’s in Rome
Examples from the Corpus
basilicaThe plan is that of a cross-domed basilica with nave, aisles, eastern apse and western atrium.Twin quakes on Sept. 26 killed 10 people and severely damaged the basilica in Assisi.Mass was celebrated in the basilicas of San Francesco and Santa Chiara.I try to picture the basilica and the beautiful little medieval town of Assisi, tucked into the side of Mount Subasio.Though still standing, the basilica itself has sustained terrible damage.The basilica beside the columns is very ancient, one of the oldest in the city, founded in the fourth-century.The basilica, completed in A.D. 329, was 391 feet long and 208 feet wide.