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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_029_eblockblock1 /blɒk $ blɑːk/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 block_ice.jpg SOLID MASSPIECEsolid material a piece of hard material such as wood or stone with straight sides breeze-block, building block, cinder blockblock of a block of ice a wall made of concrete blockssee thesaurus at piece2 STREET/STREETSstreets/area a) American English the distance along a city street from where one street crosses it to the next Head for 44th Street, a few blocks east of Sixth Avenue. The church is down the block. b) TTRAREAthe four city streets that form a square around an area of buildings Let’s walk round the block. She grew up playing with the other kids on the block. c) AusE a large piece of land a ten-acre block near the city3 LARGE BUILDINGlarge buildingTBB a large building divided into separate partsblock of a block of flats an office block an apartment block the school science block4 QUANTITY OF THINGSAMOUNTquantity of things a quantity of things of the same kind, considered as a single unitblock of New employees receive a block of shares in the firm. Set aside blocks of time for doing your homework.5 block booking/voting6 UNABLE TO THINKinability to think [usually singular]FORGET the temporary loss of your normal ability to think, learn, write etc I have a mental block whenever I try to remember my password. After his second novel, Garland had writer’s block (=he could not write anything).7 STOPPING MOVEMENTstopping movement [usually singular]PREVENT something that prevents movement or progressblock to a major block to progress roadblock, stumbling block8 the block9 put your head/neck on the block10 SPORTsportDS a movement in sport that stops an opponent going forward or playing the ball forward11 go on the block block capitals, tower block, → be a chip off the old block at chip1(7), → I’ll knock your block off at knock1(24)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a large building divided into separate partstypes of blocka block of flats British EnglishThree new blocks of flats were built on the land.an apartment blockI met him at his apartment block in Manhattan.an office blockShe works in a 27-storey office block.a tower block (=very high and usually in a poor area)She lived on the 17th floor of a tower block in East London.a tenement block (=an apartment block, usually in a poor area – used especially in Scotland)We had a tiny flat in an Edinburgh tenement block. a high-rise block (=very high)The area is full of monstrous concrete high-rise blocks.a multi-storey block (=having many levels)Many shops and offices have been rebuilt in high multi-storey blocks.
Examples from the Corpus
blockThe house at Number 14 was replaced by a block of flats.an apartment blockDuring the first Cold War years, the capitalist block was indeed seeking the downfall of the war-exhausted Soviet Union.Concrete blocks were used by most builders in the 1960s when constructing office buildings.Moulded, splinter-proof cutting blocks, called Barboards, are also available.The Cannon halted rush-hour traffic as it rattled the windows of every car and skyscraper for blocks around.The fish were lying on huge blocks of ice to keep them cold.The ice was cut into blocks and stored in a special shed.Beware of becoming so fixated on this one position that you acquire a mental block against progressing further.His studios are on the tenth floor of an office block overlooking the river.There's another new office block going up behind the station.But with a deli on every other block purveying all sorts of ethnic breads, l never baked a single loaf.Many of the families on our block are Hispanic-Americans.One stumbling block can be the kind of computer you own.We went for a walk around the block.She lived three blocks away from me when we were kids.It's three blocks to the store from here.To the east is a landscape of concrete tower blocks.Only from the windows of a derelict tower block squatted by women was there any deliberately hostile response.block ofJason says he can get a block of seats for the concert.We were given a block of shares in the company.a block of icemental blockBeware of becoming so fixated on this one position that you acquire a mental block against progressing further.Their mocking faces caused a mental block - or a block somewhere else.I can't remember his name - I always have a mental block when I try to remember it.Most of the blocks mentioned here are at the physical level, but the emotional and mental blocks are equally important.She developed a complete mental block against her pregnancy, and concealed it until four days before she went into labour.I have a complete mental block when it comes to computers.Spring focus: 2B Chuck Knoblauch claims he received help during the offseason with his mental block on routine throws.With the uh, mental block.