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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrownstonebrown‧stone /ˈbraʊnstəʊn $ -stoʊn/ noun  [countable]TBB a house in the US with a front made of reddish-brown stone, common in New York City
Examples from the Corpus
brownstoneI hated her because she was rich and lived in a big brownstone up near Stevens Institute of Technology.Soon the neat stores were replaced by faded brownstones and tumbledown colonial houses.To Katherine, a New Yorker, used to apartment blocks and intimate brownstones, it was trebly impressive.Her building on Seventy-eighth turned out to be an Italianate brownstone closer to First than Second.It was there as soon as she passed through the doors of their East Side brownstone.I had stared over the famous landscape: the three bridges, the brownstones of Brooklyn Heights.He was surprised how unimposing the brownstone looked now.And now Ralph spent whole evenings admiring Pinkus's house, a handsome three-window-wide brownstone on a clean street.