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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchateauchat‧eau /ˈʃætəʊ $ ʃæˈtoʊ/ noun (plural chateaux /-təʊz $ -ˈtoʊz/) [countable]  TBBa castle or large country house in France
Examples from the Corpus
chateauThe location is excellent for walking, and well situated for touring the abbeys and chateaux of the Bordeaux and Bergerac regions.One immensely-detailed drawing shows a grand chateau with vineyards, tennis court and swimming pool.Years later I learned that he died in 1981 at his chateau near Grasse.Bao Dai was still residing at his chateau near Cannes with his wife and five children.In every town a romanesque church or chateau.She shrank from entering the chateau, and had to be cajoled inside.Five of the chateau soldiers were killed and Benjamin had a small cut high on his cheek.I liked that the chateau did have its standards.