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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdoorpostdoor‧post /ˈdɔːpəʊst $ ˈdɔːrpoʊst/ noun [countable]  DHHTBBone of two upright posts on either side of a doorway
Examples from the Corpus
doorpostOr I might pull an orni over my head and half drowse for sixty seconds propped against a doorpost.The tension drained from her, and she sagged limply against the front doorpost.He looked terrible and, from the way he clutched at the doorpost for support, drunk.And yet we do not consciously look at the doorpost or the armchairs; we see them and take avoiding action automatically.Marion Aluinn moved quietly away from behind the doorpost.The massive front door once refused to open when the alignment of the doorposts was shifted.The headpiece was gone and the bottom of the doorposts had rotted away.Chasing him, she banged her funny bone on the doorpost.