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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdormerdor‧mer /ˈdɔːmə $ ˈdɔːrmər/, dormer window British English noun [countable]  DHTBBa window built into a roof, so that it sticks out from the roof skylight
Examples from the Corpus
dormerAny place where a dormer meets a roof, or a roof meets a wall.On the top floor the bedrooms had pretty sloping ceilings and dormer windows peering out under eyelid gables.This has resulted in a very simple roof form, a double pitch without projections or dormers.High pitched roofs contain the typical ornamental dormers.It pledged to put cute little Colonial-style dormers on the store.The late Gothic façades are surmounted with steeply pitched roofs containing tall dormer windows.Meredith peeped out of the dormer window at the sun sparkling on the wet slates and road.We sat on the corrugated tin to catch our breath, then Martinez crawled to the dormer.