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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishedificeed‧i‧fice /ˈedɪfɪs/ noun [countable]  formalTBB a building, especially a large one Their head office was an imposing edifice.
Examples from the Corpus
edificeAnd this was an edifice that would house the greatest mystery of all: wine into blood, bread into flesh.To cast doubt on the importance of production is thus to bring into questIon the foundation of the entire edifice.The Times is housed in an imposing edifice on 1st Street.Dauntless regarded this imposing edifice with dismay.Then he crossed the street in front of the National Gallery, glancing up at the massive edifice of the building in the process.Evidence such as this serves to undermine the apparently monolithic edifice of Victorianism.The primary edifice, Mandeville Center, is about as inviting as a concrete bunker.Replacing that foundation, we fear, will topple the edifice.Eventually the theory becomes a creaking and ugly edifice.The whole edifice of the family's thinking rested on the notion of hard work.