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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishentrywayen‧try‧way /ˈentriweɪ/ noun [countable] American English  TBBa door, gate, room, or passage that you go through to enter a place syn entry
Examples from the Corpus
entrywayThere is an entryway that goes from the locker room to the trainer's room.A charred entryway and the remains of a few walls were all that was left of the Rising Star Baptist Church.Benny found herself standing in a smooth-floored entryway that opened on to the docks about ten feet further on.I gaped at the expansive marbled entryway, the elegant chandeliers, and white-tiled floors.Trevor Magee had passed the small entryway to Long's Court when he noticed it.There were electric lights burning at the entryway.I knelt in the entryway, feeling the floorboards rattling beneath me.We remove our shoes and place them in the shoe rack in the entryway to the temple.