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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfitmentfit‧ment /ˈfɪtmənt/ noun [countable usually plural] British English  DHFTBBa piece of furniture or equipment that is made especially for a particular space in a room bathroom fitments
Examples from the Corpus
fitmentSuch products include fuel oil, paint, building materials and fitments, and electronic Components.The same applies to changing your chairs or perhaps your kitchen fitments.A shower fitment on the bath taps facing the patient makes it easier for him to wash himself thoroughly.A roof keeps the rain out and the fitment of round tyres means the ride is smooth.When using an overlap arm, leave enough space to correspond to the size of the fitment.This system would require the fitment of special electronic transponders to each bus in order to alert traffic signals.More countries than ever now have emissions legislation requiring the fitment of autocatalysts and our manufacturing operations enjoyed record volumes.The fitments will need to be placed well above and beyond the sides of the window to give maximum freedom of movement.