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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlean-toˈlean-to noun [countable]  TBBBUILDa small roughly-made building that is built against the side of a larger buildingshed
Examples from the Corpus
lean-toI spend three months of every year in a lean-to.They worked all day in the mud; at night they slept on compacted mud under hessian lean-tos.Blackbirds have raised a brood in the lean-to where we keep the logs.When I came back from fishing yesterday you were beside me in the lean-to gutting the catch with me.After a second helping, Alice took Mungo into the lean-to.We leaned back against the irregular planks of the lean-to.We lay on our mattress, propped against the back wall of the lean-to.Sorted out the test roster and Greg has worked wonders with the lean-to.