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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishledgeledge /ledʒ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 DNa narrow flat piece of rock that sticks out on the side of a mountain or cliff We crept carefully along the narrow ledge. He leapt onto a ledge of rock.2 TBBa narrow shelf There’s some money on the window ledge (=narrow shelf below the window).
Examples from the Corpus
ledgeHe managed to drag himself on to a ledge to escape the flames and await rescue.But in ten minutes I was through it and on to the glacier-worn bare ledges.On a guillemot ledge were two green eggs exposed to view.Here, another overhanging ledge of dolostone protected visitors, allowing them to walk directly behind the falling water.Her statue used to stand on that ledge of rock, just there above the spring.But there was only the sea foam, the muted deadly gurgle of the ledges them-selves.Outside, the sky over the ledges and the string of islands and beyond them was clear.Leap on to the ledge and then the door, and finally the plant pot.window ledgeMaybe it was already fated that I should fall from a window ledge.Bernadette Pollock, 32, climbed a drainpipe on to a window ledge after losing her keys.Jump along the window ledge, dropping down to spray the bin, now jump the three aliens.He placed it carefully on the window ledge behind the curtain.He turned and saw that the window ledge was about three feet above him.Spray it and then use the wrench on it, jump on to the window ledge then on to the door.Then leap on to the window ledge of Toys N Stuff, then the door and spray the plant pot.He indicated a gadget upon the window ledge.