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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishledgeledge /ledΚ’/ ●○○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 DNa narrow flat piece of rock that sticks out on the side of a mountain or cliff πŸ”Š We crept carefully along the narrow ledge. πŸ”Š He leapt onto a ledge of rock.2 TBBa narrow shelf πŸ”Š There’s some money on the window ledge (=narrow shelf below the window).
Examples from the Corpus
ledgeβ€’ He managed to drag himself on to a ledge to escape the flames and await rescue.β€’ But in ten minutes I was through it and on to the glacier-worn bare ledges.β€’ On a guillemot ledge were two green eggs exposed to view.β€’ Here, another overhanging ledge of dolostone protected visitors, allowing them to walk directly behind the falling water.β€’ Her statue used to stand on that ledge of rock, just there above the spring.β€’ But there was only the sea foam, the muted deadly gurgle of the ledges them-selves.β€’ Outside, the sky over the ledges and the string of islands and beyond them was clear.β€’ Leap on to the ledge and then the door, and finally the plant pot.window ledgeβ€’ Maybe it was already fated that I should fall from a window ledge.β€’ Bernadette Pollock, 32, climbed a drainpipe on to a window ledge after losing her keys.β€’ Jump along the window ledge, dropping down to spray the bin, now jump the three aliens.β€’ He placed it carefully on the window ledge behind the curtain.β€’ He turned and saw that the window ledge was about three feet above him.β€’ Spray it and then use the wrench on it, jump on to the window ledge then on to the door.β€’ Then leap on to the window ledge of Toys N Stuff, then the door and spray the plant pot.β€’ He indicated a gadget upon the window ledge.