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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_206_alog cabinˌlog ˈcabin noun [countable]  ldoce_206.png TBBa small house made of logs
Examples from the Corpus
log cabinHe lived alone in a log cabin beside the lake, his only company a portable radio and television.How a self-made man should always say he was born in something like a log cabin, preferably with no running water.The reality of a painted postcard of a log cabin and box of arrowheads disappeared.The path led to a log cabin with a chalet-style sloping roof in the middle of a clearing.They settled in Prairieville in Barry County, cleared land, and put up a log cabin and later a proper house.We stopped at the Association of Pioneer Women of California log cabin, and their garish statue.Sometimes I am in the log cabin, looking at it; other times I am wandering through it.