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overhango‧ver‧hang2 /ˈəʊvəhæŋ $ ˈoʊvər-/ noun [countable, usually singular]  1 TBBa rock, roof etc that hangs over something else We stood under the overhang while it rained.2 ABOVEthe amount by which something hangs over something else a five-foot overhang
Examples from the Corpus
overhangBy any chance can we get a another overhang?It gusted into every overhang of concrete, whistled down the brick funnels on the tall building where she lived.They have 2-foot interior overhangs to discourage climbing over, and 4-foot aprons at the bottom to prevent digging under the enclosure.The amphitheater's overhang protects most of the seats from bad weather.Sapan sailed in beneath the overhang of limestone.She found Wynne-Jones resting in the overhang of a rocky outcrop, exhausted, wretched, starving.The overhang has continued because companies held back shutdowns for fear of helping competitors.The overhang was cleared, enabling the shares to bounce back to 356p, down 2 on balance.