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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpedimentped‧i‧ment /ˈpedəmənt/ noun [countable]  AATBBa three-sided part above the entrance to a building, especially on the buildings of ancient Greece
Examples from the Corpus
pedimentThis was a large mock-classical brick building, with columns and pediments.William Springett also built a coach-house for two carriages and loose boxes under a crowning pediment.It forms a perfect square, with five bays on every side with the huge segmental pediments above.The temple itself had a large classical cella, with a solid columned portico which served as the pediment.The statues on the pediment are by J. Brokof.On the pediment of the main entrance, the gold hands of the blue-painted clock moved towards the hour.The remains of these figures resemble the present west pediment in style.The west pediment, a Gigantomachy, was in limestone, but the east front was finished in marble.