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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrafterraf‧ter /ˈrɑːftə $ ˈræftər/ noun [countable usually plural]  TBBone of the large sloping pieces of wood that form the structure of a roof The club was packed to the rafters (=very full).
Examples from the Corpus
rafterThe river is now used by about 1,000 rafters each season and the economic contribution is negligible.He told me the story, sitting in my room with the firelight flickering on the ceiling rafters.By attic ceiling I presume you mean insulation in the roof, between the rafters.I gazed up into the darkness but the rafters were cloaked in blackness.I dangled for three days and three nights in a cocoon of ropes from the rafters in the attic.He hangs the snowflakes from the rafters on lengths of baling twine.A raven swooped down from its perch in the rafters and dived at the wizard, talons open and gleaming.Loud squeaks bounced off the rafters above the corridor sounding like an old waterwheel.packed to the raftersFriday saw the latest addition to Darlington's throbbing night life packed to the rafters.We were taken to a room in another building which soon enough was packed to the rafters with people.London's largest ballroom at the Grosvenor House Hotel was packed to the rafters as Group representatives enjoyed a wonderful evening.