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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspirespire /spaɪə $ spaɪr/ noun [countable]  TBBa roof that rises steeply to a point on top of a tower, especially on a churchsteeple
Examples from the Corpus
spireBut the most arresting feature is the amazing spire of Meall Mheadhonach at the other end of the ridge.The canyon walls, rock formations and spires on the rim looked surreal, like a backdrop in a movie set.All these cathedrals were intended to have many towers surmounted by spires.The dreaming spires had etched themselves deeply on my imagination.Few of the towers, apart from the western ones, were built and even fewer spires.Between the towering rows of spires lies a low valley up to a few miles wide.The elegant spring spires of delphiniums are perhaps the truest of the blues.Shrimp slip into the sample chamber just as the spire tumbles over.