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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstackstack1 /stΓ¦k/ ●○○ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 stack.jpg GROUP OF THINGS[countable] a neat pile of things β†’ heapstack of πŸ”Š a stack of papers πŸ”Š stacks of dirty dishes2 β†’ a stack of something/stacks of something3 TBB[countable] a chimney4 β†’ the stacks β†’ blow your top/stack at blow1(16)
Examples from the Corpus
stackβ€’ I said hello and sat down on a stack of C-ration cases.β€’ a stack of sales brochuresβ€’ A stack of copies was piled up at the entrance to the Arts Lab.β€’ Impale each stack with a bamboo stick to hold the bales in place.β€’ Manion turned off the engine, picked up his stack of envelopes, and locked the car.β€’ He built up neat stacks in order of priority, slipped rubber bands around them, dropped them in his briefcase.β€’ Next, Heath argues, CPU-specific issues like register stacks and context switching need to be standardised.β€’ Next to the bottles was a tall stack of plastic cups.β€’ After he had gone, she stared blankly at the stack of boxes he had left.β€’ The only limit placed on the depth of nesting is the room available for the stack.β€’ The whole stack fell over, and half the plates got broken.stack ofβ€’ Stacks of unopened boxes filled the room.β€’ a stack of books