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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstadiumsta‧di‧um /ˈsteɪdiəm/ ●●● W3 noun (plural stadiums or stadia /-diə/) [countable]  DSTBBa building for public events, especially sports and large rock music concerts, consisting of a playing field surrounded by rows of seats the new Olympic Stadium
Examples from the Corpus
stadiuma baseball stadiumDenver has a new airport, a new baseball stadium, and a reputation as a good place to live.Well-placed league sources say such a deal would be no problem, provided the new stadium actually were built.Perry Barr 1st Flight offers a wide, easy portage down past the sports stadium.They will hand out the lunches, serve food in the suites and staff food stations in the stadium.New 150,00 watt floodlights will be installed in concrete wing walls at the four corners of the stadium.Tailgaters will be grabbing orders on their way to the stadium.The stadium has a capacity of at least 10,000.It was a further step in their development on the road to possible overall victory at this stadium on Sunday.