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stoopstoop2 noun  1 [singular]MH if you have a stoop, your shoulders are bent forward Mr Hamilton was an odd, quiet man who walked with a stoop.2 [countable] American EnglishTBB a raised area at the door of a house, usually big enough to sit on
Examples from the Corpus
stoopA little kid in a Catholic school uniform still hops up and down the steps of a stoop on one foot.He was a tall, shy, bony man with a stoop, who cracked his fingers when he was worried.He was a tall thin man with a stoop, who was rarely seen without a pipe clenched between his teeth.He sounded young enough, but he walked with a deepening stoop at the age of thirty-two.They sat, she on the stoop and he in his chair, surveying the completed project.I was still sitting on the stoop when Janir came shuffling into the parlor.