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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishterraceter‧race /ˈterɪs/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 houses British EnglishAATTR a row of houses that are joined to each other, or a street with one of these rows in it2 place you can sitTBB a flat outdoor area next to a building or on a roof, where you can sit outside to eat, relax etc3 the terraces4 flat landTA one of a series of flat areas cut out of a hill like steps, and used to grow cropsterracing noun [uncountable] football terracing
Examples from the Corpus
terraceTwin rooms have a terrace with side sea view.Outside in a triumph of properly-laid crazy paving pathways and terraces, to give several levels.There was speculation on the Feethams terraces even before Alan Noble took over as chairman.More mischief awaits on the garden terrace.From the rooftop terrace the Mellors gazed across lilac and bougainvillea bushes to the sea.Snacks and afternoon tea can be enjoyed on the sun terrace facing the Jungfrau mountain.She ate breakfast alone on the terrace in the morning.To the south lay a vast area of redevelopment, relieved only by the remains of a Victorian terrace.