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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransepttran‧sept /ˈtrænsept/ noun [countable]  AATBBone of the two parts of a church that are built out from the main area of the church to form a cross shape
Examples from the Corpus
transeptThe other domes cover the crossing, choir and transepts.Experts say a forty foot crack in a medieval transept wall could have led to disaster.Abutment was reduced to a minimum, transepts were often not built and the plan became a simple rectangle.He could not see Dhani but calculated that he might by now be opposite him in the north transept.Before continuing to the S transept, look at the fine Crucifixion sculpted by F. Bílek.Finally Theodora came to rest in the Dersingham chapel which formed the south transept looking towards the altar at right angles.The transepts are Romanesque and contain fine, round-arched arcading on the walls of triforium and clerestory.The transepts have large circular windows.