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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadministrationad‧min‧is‧tra‧tion /ədˌmɪnəˈstreɪʃən/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun  1 [uncountable]BB the activities that are involved in managing the work of a company or organization We’re looking for someone with experience in administration. The health service spends too much on administration.the administration (=the people who do this work) the college administration2 [countable]PGGOVERNMENT the government of a country at a particular time the Kennedy Administration The problem has been ignored by successive administrations.see thesaurus at government3 [uncountable]DO the act of administering something, especially a law, test, or medicineadministration of the administration of justice the administration of sedatives
Examples from the Corpus
administrationIt is unclear as to whether the making of an administration order crystallises a floating charge.With a ne w Bush administration taking office, how will this relationship develop?The Eisenhower administration refused to take military action in Vietnam.He vigorously applied Charles's policy of raising money by reviving the ancient Forest administration.There are circumstances in which the incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate administration of a thrombolytic would be disastrous; for example, acute pericarditis.The new administration has been strongly criticized for its handling of the affair.Some hospitals spend too much on administration and not enough on medical care.Mr Keyes, a former radio talk-show host and Reagan administration diplomat, is the most eloquent of the Republican candidates.The cost of health service administration in the United States rose by 37% between 1983 and 1987.Glynn said an apology already had been under discussion within the administration for several months.The administration also proposed $600 million in tax breaks for small businesses.the administrationThere have been conflicts between the faculty and administration over the college's budget.