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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagencya‧gen‧cy /ˈeɪdʒənsi/ ●●○ W3 noun (plural agencies) [countable]  1 BBa business that provides a particular service for people or organizationsan advertising/employment/travel etc agency a local housing agency dating agency, news agency2 PGBBan organization or department, especially within a government, that does a specific job a UN agency responsible for helping refugees the Environmental Protection Agency3 by/through the agency of somebody
Examples from the Corpus
agencyIn my government agency, we have independence-as an office, and as respected individuals within that agency.Government agencies are created to perform according to different criteria from private business.a car rental agencyThen, of course, the whole process of formal education is a crucial socialising agency.However the FBI-style agency will not conduct its own investigations or prosecutions, although many Whitehall insiders believe this could eventually happen.There is no question but that agency rulemaking is lawmaking in any functional or realistic sense of the term...The study will have immediate relevance both in strengthening the capacity of the agencies dealing with the crisis and through transferability elsewhere.The UN agency is responsible for helping refugees.an advertising/employment/travel etc agencyTwo years ago, an advertising agency plastered the Paris Metro stations with posters featuring kissing couples for a soft drink promotion.An engineering plant and an advertising agency are different and this difference will be reflected in their organisational design.In that case an advertising agency telephoned a transparency library with whom the agency had never previously dealt.At 18 he took a job as a junior copywriter for an advertising agency.A city official put his arm around a developer; the chief executive of an advertising agency greeted a banker.Branson had arranged to see an advertising agency about Oldfield producing music for a commercial for Dulux paint.This company, at first attached to an advertising agency, later became an independent public relations consultancy.One Harvard dealer had registered with an employment agency which stupidly sent his curriculum vitae to Harvard.