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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcapital-intensiveˌcapital-inˈtensive adjective  BBa capital-intensive business, industry etc needs a lot of money in order to operate properlylabour-intensive
Examples from the Corpus
capital-intensiveNewspaper publishing is capital-intensive, and the product is vulnerable to even short-lived strikes.It is impossible quickly to reposition a capital-intensive business flexibility is seldom one of its features.Because import substitution rested on capital-intensive enterprises which required little labour and, therefore, did little to stimulate demand; 3.The obvious solution - to move into more capital-intensive highly skilled work - is being energetically pursued.With few exceptions these capital-intensive industries are also highly energy-intensive.Labor-intensive prod-ucts were made in poor countries; capital-intensive products were made in rich countries.On such capital-intensive projects, any over-runs can rapidly push up the overall costings.One characteristic of modern industry is that it is capital-intensive rather than labour-intensive and hence does not provide much employment.