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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsultancycon‧sul‧tan‧cy /kənˈsʌltənsi/ ●○○ AWL noun (plural consultancies)  1 BBADVISE[countable] a company that gives advice on a particular subject a management consultancy a consultancy firm2 [uncountable] advice that a company is paid to provide consultancy fees
Examples from the Corpus
consultancyProfessional people do so on a consultancy basis, skilled manual workers as and when they can.Veronica and Angela both have two children and both work for engineering consultancies.There is also Cortex which we set up last year as a process engineering consultancy with a keen interest in environmental work.The group's flagship consultancy business was again its biggest contributor, delivering revenue of £47.3m, up 20 per cent.In SUVs alone, there will soon be 70 models on the market, according to AutoPacific, another industry consultancy.The group's long-term aim is to get into non-Bull sites to deliver its consultancy and networking services.Among these was Mrs Gina Franklin whose career illustrates the development of consultancies and methodology in Britain.New business Public relations consultancies no more want to stand still than any other business enterprise.