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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh seasonˌhigh ˈseason noun [singular, uncountable]  especially British EnglishBBDLT the time of year when businesses make a lot of money and prices are high, especially in the tourist industry syn peak season low season
Examples from the Corpus
high seasonRooms go from $ 95 to $ 175 during high season, $ 90 to $ 160 during low.Room prices range from $ 56 to $ 72 during high season to $ 29 to $ 46 during low.There are usually three boats a day, sometimes more in high season.There is live music on the terrace in high season.A two night self-drive weekend break from their Winter-Inn programme staying at Les Trois Mousquetaires costs £181 per person high season.There is a full entertainments programme during the high season and the hotel has a taverna with frequent live music.A single this time of year, high season, runs a minimum of $ 295.