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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpremiumpre‧mi‧um1 /ˈpriːmiəm/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]BFI the cost of insurance, especially the amount that you pay each year insurance premiums2 [countable]BBPAY somebody FOR WORK an additional amount of money, above a standard rate or amount Consumers are prepared to pay a premium for organically grown vegetables. Top quality cigars are being sold at a premium.3 be at a premium4 put/place a premium on something5 [uncountable] especially American EnglishTPGTTC good quality petrol
Examples from the Corpus
premiumPremium costs around $1.35 a gallon.Yields also were lowered on the noncallable serial bonds due in 2013-2016, which were priced at a premium.Farmers are being offered a premium for organically grown vegetables.Risk of unexpected changes in default premium.For an age that put a high premium on human imagination, this was important.That being the case, the company had been taking his premiums without assuming any actual risk.We pay over $1200 in annual car insurance premiums.Businessure is aimed at businesses with a turnover of up to £1m and generally involving premiums of up to £5,000 perannum.Neither can they raise premiums if an existing customer takes a test which proves to be positive.Private motor business remains very competitive but it has been necessary to apply further selective premium increases.Let the self-correcting nature of automation strain to find the optima which let only the premium through.sold at a premiumInvariably such products are sold at a premium price quite unjustified by the cost of their components.