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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpurchase priceˈpurchase price noun [singular]  formalBBCOST the price that has to be paid for something, especially a house We borrowed 80% of the purchase price.
Examples from the Corpus
purchase priceThis amounted to the entire purchase price.Furthermore, they agreed to buy back the land at the purchase price should the venture fail.Here are details from the auction: Rates are determined by the difference between the purchase price and face value.The loans must be below 75% of the purchase price.Seagate, a maker of computer-disk drives, would not specify the purchase price of the deal.The purchase price of the house was $177,500.The undisclosed purchase price would include using the Micropolis name, leaving the Chatsworth-based firm to search for a new one.And the next time Brown compiles a menu, the costing for each dish will be based on the updated purchase price.