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rejectre‧ject2 /ˈriːdʒekt/ noun [countable]  1 BBREJECT/NOT ACCEPTa product that has been rejected because there is something wrong with it a shop selling cheap rejects2 someone who is not accepted or liked by another person, or by other people They felt that they were society’s rejects.
Examples from the Corpus
rejectI got a rejection from Harvard, but I'm still waiting to hear from UCLA.Of course, you always risk rejection when you first ask someone out.Sometimes she began to question her outright rejection of her parents' values.the rejection of the Equal Rights Bill by a small majoritythe government's outright rejection of the proposalsAnd yet Eve had never had anything new, she knew that whatever dress she got for today would be a reject.Zoe Ball's poor kid sounds like a reject from Carry On Chef.Equipment is decrepit, training is inadequate and the conscripts, increasingly, are society's rejects.