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tie-upˈtie-up noun [countable] informal  1 BBAGREEan agreement to become business partnerstie-up with IBM’s tie-up with Auspex System Inc2 British EnglishCONNECTED WITH a strong connection between two or more thingstie-up between the tie-up between class interests and politics3 American EnglishTTC a situation in which traffic is prevented from moving or there is a problem which prevents a system or plan from working tie up at tie1
Examples from the Corpus
tie-upIt is also contemplating tie-ups with software houses or large user organisations abroad.The eight-day tie-up has been an agreed method within the Community during the current year.The Apple/IBM/Novell tie-up will result in Object Management Group-compliant technology drawn from existing internal projects.Indeed the whole colour market is rapidly moving upwards beyond the reach of the amateur following Adobe's tie-up with Scitex.He may consolidate his position by entering into a merger of sorts with Carlton when the Government permits such tie-ups in 1994.The tie-up could send a chill through Bill Gates since it gives Novell an interesting point of entry to the enterprise.The tie-up with petrochemicals is logical.frustrating traffic tie-ups