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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishline managementˈline ˌmanagement noun [uncountable] British English  BBBa system of management in which information and instructions are passed from one person to someone immediately higher or lower than them in rank
Examples from the Corpus
line managementIt is a process that forces line management to consider their operational priorities and also allows for decentralized decision-making.These were often displaced nurse managers who no longer had line management responsibilities at district level.It also recognises that day-to-day business and executive authority is vested in line management.Some say they were unaware of the full impact of the new line management structure when they met to discuss it.The rest were added to the hard-working ranks of our third organizational constituency: staff / line management.Staff in these Departments considering additional computers are at liberty to submit suggestions through line management in the usual way. 3.Meetings were held with the nursing officer and health visitor line management.If you feel your workplace is causing you to suffer ill-health effects, then notify your line management.