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quality assurance in Business management topic

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquality assuranceˈquality asˌsurance noun [uncountable]  BBBthe practice of checking the quality of goods or services that a company sells, so that the standard continues to be good
Examples from the Corpus
quality assuranceIn Chapter 7 we will discuss additional control measures such as budgeting and quality assurance.The book covers such topics as business strategy and marketing as well as quality assurance and accreditation strategies.According to Williamson, the five principles generic to any comprehensive quality assurance system relate to the following: 1.Planning for quality assurance needs and making appropriate changes will ensure the success of the profession and quality care for consumers.Criteria used for quality assurance should be the basis for the development of measurable program objectives by the program manager.So within the supermarkets' own quality assurance schemes, sewage sludge is likely to be ruled out.After the course, I began taking more interest in how other departments were tackling quality assurance.The quality assurance scheme will mean the introduction of new procedures which conform to the Institutes' requirements.