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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishventureven‧ture1 /ˈventʃə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  BBBBUSINESSa new business activity that involves taking risksbusiness/commercial venturejoint venture (=when two companies do something together)
Examples from the Corpus
ventureHis bankruptcy was the result of several reckless business ventures.a real-estate ventureFord has invested $125 million in a joint venture to build engines in China.It is difficult to formulate a standard definition of a joint venture.Westinghouse will take a 48 percent stake in the joint venture and invest $ 2. 5 million.Mattel would not disclose its investment in the new venture.Local councillors can be quite obstructive to new ventures by farmers.The group is planning to risk everything to get their next venture off the ground.Each year we endeavour to be represented in helping in one of their fund-raising ventures.They said the venture is being sold because the companies can import products more economically.joint ventureSome analysts also said that a joint venture with Canon is possible.The decision point is particularly important for joint ventures projects.United Distillers employs around 10,000 people worldwide and, with its joint ventures, an additional 1,500.Grove touted the Pandesic joint venture software as a turnkey solution for businesses seeking to conduct sales over the Internet.Under the joint venture the council will pay nothing, while profits will accrue to Biomass.This joint venture between George Gibson & Co.