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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcapital goodsˌcapital ˈgoods noun [plural]  BBgoods such as machines or buildings that are made for the purpose of producing other goodsconsumer goods
Examples from the Corpus
capital goodsMoreover, imbalances arose within the economy as a whole, in particular between consumption goods and capital goods.However, continued investment of raw materials and capital goods was required if the necessary growth and investment was to be sustained.The mechanism would apply to manufactures and processed agricultural products and capital goods, but not to agricultural raw materials.Secondly, there are enormous index number problems in constructing price series for capital goods.But who, specifically, will register votes for capital goods?So will the investment in capital goods and engineering skills needed to modernise outmoded factories.Almost two-thirds of the increase in the volume of imports last year was in capital goods, intermediate goods and semi-finished manufactures.This could follow if the capital goods producing industries faced capacity constraints in their attempt to raise output in the short run.