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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfoodstufffood‧stuff /ˈfuːdstʌf/ noun [countable usually plural, uncountable]  DFBBfood – used especially when talking about the business of producing or selling food a shortage of basic foodstuffs
Examples from the Corpus
foodstuffNow, industrialised countries are almost self-sufficient in basic foodstuffs due to the use of fertilisers, mechanisation and larger farm units.If consumers realize that they are likely to be contaminated by foodstuffs, they will not buy them.Future food technologists will be well placed to create concentrated foodstuffs which rectify the known deficiencies in the diet.You will notice that each witness has chosen to discuss foodstuffs, especially pineapples, at the first opportunity.Prices of most foodstuffs and consumer goods have gone down.A law in April allowed the importation of foodstuffs into the northeastern provinces duty free which only encouraged fraud.Such goods include suites of furniture, children's clothing and children's foodstuffs.Many of those foodstuffs would stand no chance of approval were they invented today.