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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfranchiseefran‧chi‧see /ˌfræntʃaɪˈziː/ noun [countable]  BBsomeone who is given or sold a franchise to sell a company’s goods or services
Examples from the Corpus
franchiseeA Texas court in 1990 limited the reasons Avis could use for getting rid of a franchisee.In exchange for corporate assistance, franchisees typically pay a percentage of their revenue to a franchiser.The new plaintiffs accuse an Avis franchisee, not the Avis system, of discrimination, he said.But private franchisees will not have the same range of unwanted posts to offer to their unwanted workers.How could I be your second franchisee?For the franchisee this means comparing the purchase and operation of a franchise with setting up and running his own business.That is a reputation of which the company is justly proud and from which franchisees can benefit directly.