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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard sellˌhard ˈsell noun [singular]  BBa way of selling something in which there is a lot of pressure on you to buy opp soft sell sell1
Examples from the Corpus
hard sellFifteen years ago, California wines were a hard sell; everyone wanted French wines.You can not both chair the meeting and hard sell an idea to members.No longer were its hard sell tactics acceptable.As most of this is regular no real hard sell is needed, though diplomacy would of course help.Trainees at the hard sell futures firms, for instance, have been encouraged to learn still less about the markets.Derek Jefferson was there doing what he did best - the hard sell.Brittan was giving the hard sell to a farmer.Huddersfield pours out the hard sell.It's success could be put down to the hard sell.Share salesmen are regarded as on a level with hard sell futures salesmen.