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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhikehike1 /haɪk/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DLOa long walk in the mountains or countryside a hike in the woods2 especially American English informalBBINCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT a large increase in prices, wages, taxes etc syn risehike in The president has proposed a hike in the minimum wage.price/rate/tax etc hikes Several airlines have proposed fare hikes, effective October 1.3 take a hike
Examples from the Corpus
hikeIt was a bright, warm fall weekend, perfect for a hike in the hills.Trade Unions are proposing a hike in the minimum wage.Gilts improved a quarter as fears of another hike in interest rates receded.Shareholders get a 4.5% dividend hike to 6.95p.Big gasoline hikes are expected in April.We went on lots of great hikes.That is a hefty hike when the rest of government is living under what amounts to a freeze.I do this in part because it is such an invigorating hike, but it is also a pilgrimage.They explored the outer reaches of the farm and took long hikes up Talcott Mountain.They set off on a 10 mile hike across the island.Pilots will get an 11% pay hike over four years.Opponents argued the sales-tax hike was unfair.If the hike, canoe journey or horseback trek were too arduous, there would be few takers.In addition to simple rage over the hike in water bills, other issues fueled the recall movement.The hike back was through the first real jungle I had ever been in.price/rate/tax etc hikesTherefore, it follows, renters lack any incentive to vote against tax hikes and the vulnerable property owners need special protection.Dole himself voted for tax hikes in 1982 and 1990 to reduce the deficit.There are fears that large mortgage rate hikes could tip the already stagnant housing and mortgage market into deep and long-lasting recession.But the price hikes helped Pru first-half profits soar by 46 percent to £249 million.After all, real estate lending is sensitive to rate hikes.Businesses too can not perform well if they must worry about unexpected price hikes.