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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlow-techlow-tech /ˌləʊ ˈtek◂ $ ˌloʊ-/ adjective  BBTInot using the most modern machines or methods in business or industry opp high-tech He made low-tech, budget space movies.
Examples from the Corpus
low-techIndeed, Grimshaw strove to make it low-tech.It is often more energy-intensive with a more rapid deterioration than low-tech buildings!And their bets paid off big, from the high-tech realm of computers to the low-tech business of making mortgage loans.Never mind the action, which sometimes resembles a low-tech early-Eighties video game and is about as interesting to watch.It's an end to the time-consuming low-tech method of allocation-by-voice on the radio.The company manufactures the low-tech parts in Mexico, and then assembles here.Yet, like other places, Utah has to turn to low-tech services to soak up its growing numbers of literate job-hunters.A low-tech solution to a high-tech threat.He uses low-tech theatrical devices to great effect.Bulletin boards are a low-tech way to exchange information.