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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnicheniche1 /niːʃ, nɪtʃ $ nɪtʃ, niːʃ/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]SUITABLE if you find your niche, you find a job or activity that is very suitable for you Amanda soon found her niche at the club. He’s managed to create a niche for himself in local politics.2 [singular]BB an opportunity to sell a product or service to a particular group of people who have similar needs, interests etcniche in He spotted a niche in the market.3 [countable]DHTBB a hollow place in a wall, often made to hold a statueCOLLOCATIONSverbshave a nicheShe feels that she has her own niche in the company.find a nicheHe had a hard time finding his niche academically.create/carve out a niche (=do something in a particular way that is different to and better than anyone else)She had carved out a niche for herself as a children's television presenter.adjectivesa particular/special nicheAs a player, he's carved out his own special niche on the team.a little niche informal:I feel as if I've found my little niche in life.your own nicheEveryone has their own niche within the sales team.
Examples from the Corpus
nicheA niche, for the purposes of practice management software, is any combination of a client and a location.What better niches could there be for Woodhead, who has cast the last figleaf of impartiality to the wind?Van Meer's magazines are aimed at two growing niche markets: Internet users and senior citizens.But the manufacturers of meat substitutes say vegetarians are a small niche in their target market.found ... nicheLove is the Devil found a niche, but there was less room for the films of Ken Loach.Andrew McCarthy has found a comfortable niche in the direct-to-video market.We were fortunate, however, to have found a niche that no one else cornered.Luch found her hidden niche before anyone noticed her.It's found a niche. in the luxury end, and Cowley is central to that push.After a spell at Tie Rack, she found her own niche in socks.a niche in the marketIt is a harsh reminder that there are no prizes for discovering a niche in the market.It clearly concentrates the information in a commendable format and fills a niche in the market.Liveseys' had a niche in the market, with no serious competition.