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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutlayout‧lay /ˈaʊtleɪ/ noun [countable, uncountable]  SPEND MONEYBBthe amount of money that you have to spend in order to start a new business, activity etcexpense, costsmall/modest/considerable/large etc outlay For a relatively small outlay, you can start a home hairdressing business.outlay on House buyers usually have a large initial outlay on carpets and furniture.
Examples from the Corpus
outlayHe thinks they would cost too much in capital outlay and year-round maintenance.Pre-tax profit rose to £2.76million, from £2.45million after exceptional outlays in the previous year to September 30.Assuming that the more expensive units are stronger and better designed, the birds will produce above the extra outlay.That change also would reduce federal outlays, de Souza said.It was almost instantly profitable, because his initial outlay was tiny.T- shirts are easy to produce, requiring little initial outlay and a minimum of time and effort.Trillions of dollars in military outlays later, the Cold War is history.You can start a fast-food franchise for a relatively modest outlay.Eva had a brand new wardrobe for only a small outlay.The best business is one with a small outlay and with no risk involved.Both films employ innovative computer-generated graphics that required staggering outlays in hardware.When we built the factory the outlay on machinery was heavy but we were able to buy all the latest equipment.small/modest/considerable/large etc outlayEva had a brand new wardrobe for only a small outlay.There was a small outlay for goal posts and other equipment.All for a remarkably small outlay.Again, for remarkably small outlay, you will have added new interest and improved the quality of the room.