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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpartnerpart‧ner1 /ˈpɑːtnə $ ˈpɑːrtnər/ ●●● S2 W2 AWL noun [countable]  1 marriage etcSYMARRY one of two people who are married, or who live together and have a sexual relationshiphusband, wife Discuss your worries with your partner. Only 29% of lone parents receive financial support from their former partners. a sexual partnersee thesaurus at married2 businessBBWITH one of the owners of a business She’s a partner in a law firm. The senior partner has retired. sleeping partner3 dancing/games etcWITH someone you do a particular activity with, for example dancing or playing a game against two other people Clare’s my tennis partner. Take your partners for the next dance.4 country/organizationPGPPG a country or organization that another country or organization has an agreement with Nigeria is our principal trading partner in Africa. The group is a junior partner (=less important group) in the PLO’s governing coalition.5 partners in crime sparring partner
Examples from the Corpus
partnerHave you got a partner for the dance on Saturday?The firm was so successful that she took on a partner.Previously, Ellsworth was a partner at the accounting firm of Deloitte Touche.Running with a partner can keep your work-out from being boring.At this point Youhana had only 37, but he found an adhesive partner in Saqlain.Let's have a game of cards -- you and Frank can be partners.Manson and I were business partners, but not friends.The office party is on Friday, but partners aren't invited.When I saw her again, she was dancing with a different partner.Sweden allows gay partners to receive many of the benefits awarded to heterosexual married couples.Have you met my partner, Ray?Are we allowed to bring our partners to the staff party?We called a meeting with Russco, our partners in the construction project.The sale of the firm could make each of the senior partners into millionaires.People who have many sexual partners are more at risk from AIDS.The survey found that only about one of every four men had had ten or more sexual partners over their lifetime.Its main strategic partner is Cisco Systems.Joint sessions with the partner or close relatives are often the best means of dealing with these problems.Japan is a major trading partner of the US.Try not to step on your partner's toes.Honesty is vital - honesty with yourself about your feelings and honesty with your partner.Your partner has to guess the name of the product.former partnersGoldman Sachs's shares fell 5 % after it announced the sale of 40m shares held by former partners.Her former partners are not paying child support, although one has helped raise the two kids he fathered.Most lone parents - both men and women - have been married and are separated or divorced from their former partners.Maintenance and child support Bradshaw and Millar found that only 29 percent of lone parents received maintenance from their former partners.Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan are two jilted lovers who combine to seek revenge on their former partners.The women either screamed abuse down the line or remained chillingly silent when their former partners answered.As selection goes on there emerge biological principalities that are reluctant to trade with their former partners.senior partnerThe firm currently has both a managing and senior partner, and its board is organised along departmental lines.And the guerrilla strategy for influencing senior partners never got off the ground.All the senior partners in his law firms had flirtations with coronary incidents except him.Here in Congress, Newt will be the senior partner.In this era of lawyer-bashing, he hardly fits the stereotype of the senior partner in a big, big firm.Though Gooch was the senior partner in length of stay, he let Smith and Lamb play the major parts.At first Mussolini was the senior partner, a position which gave him the feeling of power he clearly relished.Take ... partnersAs we pointed out, many new firms take in partners to share the costs and the potential profits.trading partnerWe offer: advice about trading partners, finance shaped to your requirements and highly efficient payment and collection systems.So is obtaining a relatively cheap military technology for its modernization efforts, and diversifying its trading partners.Kalchu's trading partner, his i, from Wangri stayed in the house for several days.Each year the trading partners exchange millions of invoices, checks, purchase orders, financial reports, and other transactions.