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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpartnershippart‧ner‧ship /ˈpɑːtnəʃɪp $ ˈpɑːrtnər-/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun  1 [uncountable]BB the state of being a partner in businessbe/work in partnership (with somebody) I’ve been in partnership with her for five years. She’s gone into partnership with two local doctors.2 [countable]BB a business owned by two or more people It’s one of the most successful partnerships in the country.3 [countable, uncountable]WITH a relationship between two people, organizations, or countries Several youth charities have formed a partnership to help these homeless teenagers.partnership between The close partnership between Britain and the US will continue.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a relationship between two people, organizations, or countriesverbsform a partnershipThey formed a partnership solely to enter the competition.forge a partnership (=form one)He has forged a highly successful partnership with the Dublin singer Frances Black.develop a partnershipDeveloping international partnerships is vital to our continued success.adjectivesa working partnershipTheirs is one of the most fruitful working partnerships in modern science.a close partnershipThe two companies have built up a close partnership over the past four years.an effective partnershipThe agency tries to forge effective partnerships with communities and private businesses.a successful partnershipWe are looking forward to a successful partnership.a good partnershipIt’s a good partnership and we think it’s going to get better.an equal partnershipThey regard marriage as an equal partnership.
Examples from the Corpus
partnershipThe law firm is run as a partnership.Elliot and Elver decided to form a partnership and launch their own business.Crime prevention is most effective when it is a partnership between the police and the public.It is a partnership made in heaven.The YMCA and other youth agencies have set up a partnership to reach the city's poor children.Working in partnership with parents means being open about this possibility.He wanted to expand, so he went into partnership with some one he'd been doing business with.the great movie partnership of De Niro and ScorsesePolice and community leaders need to work together in a spirit of partnership.A partner is entitled to full participation in the management of the partnership.The partnership purchases workers' compensation and liability insurance, which reduces the bureaucratic burden on participating companies.Because school people vastly outnumber business-people in most school-to-work partnerships, the tendency is for educators to take over.The song-writing partnership has been very productive.be/work in partnership (with somebody)Teachers who use drama are working in partnership with pupils.In achieving these results, the college acknowledges the benefits of working in partnership with several external agencies.At that time, Tannen was in partnership with Jack Baker in the automobile business.As can be seen they are the work of school librarians and teachers working in partnership.In Akron and elsewhere, vibrant city governments are those that work in partnership with the private sector.We still have location-based teams but these work in partnership to make the best use of specific expertise at particular sites.They work in partnership with small co-operatives, consumer groups, churches, clinics and nurseries throughout the Third World.We will carry forward a family support initiative, encouraging the voluntary sector to work in partnership with families and local authorities.The initiative will work in partnership with local agencies to address local community problems.successful partnershipsIn this chapter you will read about successful partnerships and unsuccessful ones.Economic survival and the profit line are of critical importance to us all but successful partnerships must look beyond them.formed ... partnershipHowever, Ramtron formed a partnership with Rohrer in 1983.We have since formed a partnership and employ a young labourer to do all the preparation work.In 1873 they formed a partnership, born of mutual respect and trust, to manufacture soda ash near Northwich in Cheshire.They formed a partnership solely to enter the competition, and did no other work together.