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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransactiontrans‧ac‧tion /trænˈzækʃən/ ●○○ noun formal  1 [countable]BBBUSINESS a business deal or action, such as buying or selling something The bank charges a fixed rate for each transaction. financial transactions2 [uncountable]BBBUSINESS the process of doing business the transaction of his public duties3 transactions
Examples from the Corpus
transactionA committee of the board will have to review construction transactions of $ 250,000 to $ 1 million.It will cut transaction times to 12 seconds from 18 seconds.real estate transactionsIn transactions between commercial parties, however, the constraints are usually non-existent or vague.You should either continue with further mail transactions or select another option.Most transactions are processed by computer at our Head Office.The third category relates to private transactions, where an equality of bargaining power is usually to be presumed.By contrast Conventions regulating transactions are concerned almost exclusively with business transactions.Deering said the company expects to complete the transaction this year.All meetings for the transaction of business are open to the public.When the transaction is complete it will be at least two weeks before you receive your copy of the contract.